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Dr. Ita Wegman MD (1876-1943) gained the Swiss Federal Medical Diploma from the University of Zurich in 1920.  In 1921, at the age of 45, together with Dr. Rudolf Steiner PhD and the pharmacist Oskar Schmiedel, they founded Das Klinisch Therapeutische Institut (KTI) in Arlesheim, Switzerland. The early work at the clinic gave birth to Anthroposophic Medicine, Anthroposophic Nursing, the Weleda Pharmacy, Therapeutic Arts and Rhythmical Massage Therapy. Dr Wegman further developed the movements and qualities of touch found in classical Swedish Massage, which she had learnt as a qualified Massage Therapist. Each treatment at that time was highly individualised, based on her hands-on assessment of the patient.


In 1927, Dr. Margarethe Hauschka MD (1896 - 1980), joined the clinic. Both doctors with their background in massage collaborated for the next twelve years on this unique approach to massage therapy. Later, this remarkable therapy was taught to massage therapists and nurses.  After Dr. Wegman’s death, Dr. Hauschka officially titled the therapy, Rhythmical Massage as Indicated by Ita Wegman, MD. After many years of close cooperation, Dr. Margarethe Hauschka and Irmgard Marbach opened the "Margarethe Hauschka School" in 1962 as a training centre for rhythmical massage therapy and therapeutic arts therapies in southern Germany in Bad Boll. This training is now offered in many countries including the UK.

NOTE: Since the 1970s, Rhythmical Einreibung, a simplified version of Rhythmical Massage has been practised by nurses as part of their anthroposophic nursing skills. Please see the Rhythmical Einribung training page.

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