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How do I become a Rhythmical Massage Therapist?


Training as a Rhythmical Massage Therapist involves not only mastering the techniques of the massage itself, but also developing an understanding of the human being in health and illness, both from a conventional and anthroposophical perspective. You will learn a subtle rhythmical quality of touch which works with levity rather than gravity to strengthen and enliven the life-supporting processes in the human body.


Teaching and learning take place through a combination of lectures and hands-on practice, mixed artistic media exercises, discussion groups, tutorials, regular between-module medical assignments, year-long independent projects, case studies and special seminars. Through these methods, students can develop a thorough, in-depth, and holistic approach to the theory and practice of Rhythmical Massage Therapy.

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During the two years, you will learn the basic forms of Rhythmical Massage Therapy and then deepen these massage movement skills qualitatively by learning how to transform the archetypal forms to suit specific illnesses.



The curriculum is comprised of:

  • Rhythmical Massage: Practical sessions of learning the techniques and its applications. 

  • Medical studies: Building on natural scientific approaches to human anatomy and physiology and biology, a more living and spiritual view of the human body is developed. Subjects include Study of all the main systems and inner organs of the body; man as a three-fold and four-fold being in relation to the nerve-sense system, rhythmic system and metabolic system, and their relationship to thinking, feeling, and willing; the four elements, the twelve senses, the seven life processes and embryology. 

  • Written assignments and oral presentations (Inter-modular essay) 

  • Case Studies 

  • Medicinal plant studies and the knowledge of medicinal substances, including aromatic oils. 

  • Introduction to external applications and hydrotherapy.
• Anthroposophic studies to extend and deepen a cognitive understanding of the human being. Including aspects of Inner Path work and development. 

  • Professional and personal 

  • Artistic media/exercises

For more information please visit: or click here to download our course handbook.​

Illustrating some of the movement sequences in Rhythmical Massage.

Demonstrating water flow forms.

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The Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training aims to:

  • Train learners in the Rhythmical Massage Therapy approach and technique

  • Transform each learner’s hands into tools for healing.

  • Integrate massage practice with theoretical approaches to health and illness.

  • Acquire a deep understanding of Rhythmical Massage Therapy and its influence on the emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of the human being.

  • Encourage engagement with fundamental questions concerning the value of Rhythmical Massage Therapy on the whole human being.

  • Understand the contra-indications and cautions.

  • To have knowledge of professional standards and ethics pertinent to remedial massage.

  • Inform and advise learners with regard to acquiring individual professional indemnity insurance.

  • To impart a basic understanding of first aid.

  • Inform learners of placement opportunities in Rhythmical Massage Therapy

  • Inform learners of employment opportunities in Anthroposophic practices and elsewhere

  • Develop appropriate communication skills to work effectively with clients, colleagues, and the wider community.

The RMT training is accompanied by the IKAM (International Coordination of Anthroposophic Medicine) accreditation process; following successful completion of the accreditation, participants will receive a diploma recognised by the Medical Section of the Goetheanum, Switzerland. ​



The course is intended for practitioners with a bodywork qualification such as massage therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturists, reflexologists (Itech) and nurses who have either completed or are in the process of completing a bodywork training recognised by a regulating organisation, such as The General Council for Massage Therapies (GCMT) or equivalent of a ‘licence to touch’.



Please click on the 'Apply' button below to fill out the online application form and upload the following documents:

  • A copy or a scan of the information page of your passport (the one with your picture on it)

  • A copy of your qualification in Body Work

  • A 500 word statement explaining why you wish to train as an Rhythmical Massage Therapist

  • Your CV

  • A completed health statement available to download here: Health Statement

  • 1 written reference (other than family member) Template available to download here

By submitting this application, you confirm your understanding that:

  • The RMTT is a hands-on process and I am willing to give and receive massage on all relevant parts of the body in a respectful learning environment during the modules (to increase our cultural awareness and needs of different educational approaches, we would be grateful if you could specify in your personal statement any cultural and religious specific feature that you think we should be aware of).

  • I am participating in this training on the basis that I am responsible for my own wellbeing.

  • I am willing to commit myself to the work and structure of the course.

  • I understand that the habitual use of drugs and alcohol are incompatible with the aims of the course.

Once you application has been received, you will be invited for an interview (in person or on zoom) as a final step in the application process.

The interview provides both you and the Interviewer the opportunity to explore the course content, requirements and your motivations for attending.  It will also give you a space for any questions you might have.


If you have any questions regarding the course or application process please contact Chiara Carones –

Course Fee


Course fees can be paid upfront or via a payment plan as follows:

  • Option 1: £9000 (£9500 with a reduction of £500) if paid upfront at time of acceptance.

  • Option 2: £9500 with a payment plan of £500 deposit and three equal payments of £3,000.

    • 1st Payment by 3rd February 2024

    • 2nd Payment by 16th December 2024

    • 3rd Payment by 16th December 2025

Please see for Refunds and Cancellations information.

Taster Sessions and Funding


If you are interested in the Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training UK and would like the opportunity to meet our Course Leaders, find out more about the course, ask questions and meet other potential participants, we will be holding the following FREE ZOOM TASTER sessions:

Monday 29th January at 16.30 GMT
Thursday 15th February at 15.00 GMT

Bursaries and interest free loans with small monthly repayments are available. For further information, please contact

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