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Words from one of the students on the part-time Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training which launched at Emerson College earlier April.


“A new world is opening.

My hands are learning to feel into,

to listen and to move in new ways.

Inwardly I feel moved

by the mystery of meeting another human being,

relating intimately, without much talking.

I feel warmed, enthused and my hands are warm!

They are coming to life as it were.”. H.


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International English Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training 

at Emerson College

Susanne Koszyk

Just days, still in the light of Easter this year…. a group of ten students came together at Emerson College for the first module of the International English Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training here in the UK.  Aoine Landweer-Cooke and Shashi Gopaul Seedheeyan have put together an exciting programme. This first module was an unforgettable start for our group. Lectures by Drs James Dyson and David Martin sparked an enthusiasm for learning and research, making the study of the four elements the centre of our attention. This was beautifully deepened by a morning of observing movement in water, guided by Simon Charter, also an afternoon walk with Emerson’s residential herbalist Kirsten Hartvig.

At the heart of our learning was daily hands-on practice, meeting Rhythmical Massage Therapy and the human body in terms of the movement qualities and form dynamics which underpin and bestow this method of remedial massage with its unique attributes. It became intently apparent how this related deeply and directly to all which we had been experiencing and hearing in the lectures. I had a perceptible awareness with it becoming increasingly clear to me that Rhythmical Massage Therapy is an art and skilful technique combined, that its teaching requires a creative understanding and reverence for the work we are learning; it is here too where we could directly experience the wisdom in our teachers’ hands. We all went away inspired and keen to wake up our hands to this unique form of massage.

Offering healing touch is not merely a matter of mastering a technique, so much more must be considered; this too is very apparent, refined and cultivated from the very beginning of this course. We had the privilege to be reminded of the importance to develop our knowledge of what it means to be a human being, moreover we could directly experience the inherent wisdom within and around us. We ourselves are in process and so are the minerals, plants and animals around us. We can learn to become attuned to the process that gives a blossom a certain colour and we can learn to observe carefully how processes unfold. I can’t wait to be with my fellow students again this Autumn.

I can highly recommend this training, should you be considering this path. I myself have completed the Rhythmical Einreibung training at Emerson with Fiona Sim, alongside an ITEC level 3 in Holistic Massage. The RE diploma in conjunction with the ITEC qualification allows me currently to work with RE at the Kairos Painrehabilitation Clinic in London. I am inspired and keen to be adding Rhythmical Massage Therapy to my professional portfolio.

Do look at the Emerson College website for further information on both the Rhythmical Massage Therapy and the Rhythmical Einreibung training. Both trainings can lead to work opportunities in the UK promoting anthroposophic medicine, hopefully reaching many, many individuals.


Susanne Koszyk

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