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Join Us in Module 1 B this August 24-31

“A new world is opening. My hands are learning to feel into, to listen and to move in new ways. Inwardly I feel moved by the mystery of meeting another human being,

relating intimately, without much talking. I feel warmed, enthused and my hands are warm! They are coming to life as it were.”. 

Words from one of the students on the part-time Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training which launched at Emerson College early April.

Under the expert guidance of instructors Aoine Landweer-Cooke and Shashi Seedheeyan, this training not only focuses on mastering massage techniques but also delves into understanding the human being in health and illness. The curriculum encompasses both conventional natural scientific perspectives and an Anthroposophic spiritual-scientific approach.

For those who missed the first enrolment, we are pleased to announce that applications are open for the opportunity to join the course in August 24th-31st when we will repeat the first module for new students.

The course is intended for practitioners with a bodywork qualification such as massage therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, doctors,

acupuncturists, reflexologists (Itech) and nurses. If you are not currently qualified, please do get in touch to discuss your interest in applying.

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