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Taster Sessions on Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training


If you are interested in the Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training UK and would like the opportunity to meet our Course Leaders, find out more about the course, ask questions and meet other potential participants, we will be holding the following FREE ZOOM TASTER sessions:

March 7th Thursday at 16.00

March 18th Monday at 19.00

Please email if you wish to attend one of these sessions.


Bursaries and interest free loans with small monthly repayments are available. For further information, please contact


Training as a Rhythmical Massage Therapist involves not only mastering the techniques of the massage itself, but also developing an understanding of the human being in health and illness, both from a conventional and anthroposophical perspective. You will learn a subtle rhythmical quality of touch which works with levity rather than gravity to strengthen and enliven the life-supporting processes in the human body.

Teaching and learning take place through a combination of lectures and hands-on practice, mixed artistic media exercises, discussion groups, tutorials, regular between-module medical assignments, year-long independent projects, case studies and special seminars. Through these methods, students can develop a thorough, in-depth, and holistic approach to the theory and practice of Rhythmical Massage Therapy.

The first year’s theme is the healthy human being both from a conventional and an anthroposophical point of view. After that, the focus will be on the dynamics of health and illness in its varying manifestations. During the two years, you will learn the basic forms of Rhythmical Massage Therapy and then deepen these massage movement skills qualitatively by learning how to transform the archetypal forms to suit specific illnesses.

1st MODULE: APRIL 2024

Venue: Emerson College

Please see proposed dated as TBC


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