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Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training Taster Sessions in June & July


If you are interested in the Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training UK and would like the opportunity to meet our Course Leaders, find out more about the course, ask questions and meet other potential participants, we will be holding the following free zoom taster sessions:

Dates proposed 18th & 24th June and July 5th 20:00. Please email if you wish to attend one of these sessions.

Words from some students on the part-time Rhythmical Massage Therapy Training.

“A new world is opening.  My hands are learning to feel into, to listen and to move in new ways. Inwardly I feel moved by the mystery of meeting another human being, relating intimately, without much talking.  I feel warmed, enthused and my hands are warm! They are coming to life as it were.”

"We ourselves are in process and so are the minerals, plants and animals around us. We can learn to become attuned to the process that gives a blossom a certain colour and we can learn to observe carefully how processes unfold. I can’t wait to be with my fellow students again this autumn."  Read more >> 


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