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Aoine Landweer-Cooke

I was born to non-Irish artist parents. I studied in the UK,  Germany and USA. I've been resident/based mainly in the UK and Ireland. I have over forty years experience in health care professions and thirty five years as a bodyworker, specialising in Rhythmical Massage Therapy, (as indicated by Dr Ita Wegman).
My main areas of expertise are as a practitioner, trainer, supervisor and mentor,  working in clinical/hospital settings as well as private practice. 
I am currently engaged in trainings in the USA, UK, India, Israel and Thailand. 
I am a CPD (continuing professional development) consultant, supervisor, mentor and tutor especially in the broad field of bodywork trainings and practices, with significant knowledge and expertise in RMT. Group dynamics and company teams have been my leading field of interest and proficiency in terms of management and guidance across these past thirty years. My own self-development and trainings in facilitated mediation, conflict resolution and negotiation skills played an ever increasing valuable role in change-dynamics. My approach is underpinned by an integrative philosophy of learning as well as phenomenological approach and study pathways.

Shashi Seedheeyan

I qualified as a Rhythmical Massage Therapy Practitioner in 2007. During my 16 years career, I have gained experience in Neurological Rehabilitation Hospital, NHS clinics and College for young adults with Learning Disability and Austism, providing treatments for Fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, rheumatic arthritis, chronic fatigue and stroke rehabilitation post covid and ADHD .

I am, additionally, trained in Rhythmical Einreibung (Embrocation), Hydrotherapy & Brushing (Oil dispersion bath) and External applications, which I am able to incorporate alongside Rhythmical massage therapy. In Oct 2016, I joined the Rhythmical Massage Therapy Teacher Training in UK.

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